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Postby dkackman » Fri Sep 12, 2014 6:47 pm
IMHO LOLCODE needs to support exception handling in order to be a robust and modern competitor in the language landscape.

I would propose this syntax

AFAIK BTW open the try block
OMFG BTW end exception block, open handler block
FFS SMOOSH "You divided by zero" FML MKAY BTW FML is the implicit exception YARN, FFS throws a new YARN which concatenates FML and an additional string
OIC BTW close exception handler block

AFAIK - equivalent to try, implies I'm pretty sure this may work but who know, might not
All statements between AFAIK and OMFG tokens are within the exception handler
OMFG declares a catch block
FFS throws an exception - exceptions would always be typed as string/YARN
All thrown exceptions are captured implicitly in the FML variable. Every OMFG block has access to the implicit FML object which is the thrown string/YARN
OIC closes the catch block

Please consider this addition to the LOLCODE language specification
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